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We install, update and maintain parking lot and exterior lighting at a great price. Updating your parking lot lighting can dramatically improve safety & save on energy costs. Available in all multiple materials and finishes, we offer parking lot lighting and all exterior lighting that best fits your locale.

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Outdoor lighting is important for nighttime security and accentuating large open areas. Update your exterior lighting for security reasons. Speak with an expert for advice and recommendations. Call us now.
LEDs (Light Emitting Diodes) are complete light bulbs which are highly energy-efficient. LED's are 4X more efficient and lasts 10X longer than any other bulb all while using 50 - 80% less energy than incandescent light bulbs.
Only our work has a 100% satisfaction guarantee for maintenance and installations. We can do this because we are confident that your lighting project will be executed perfectly.
Browse our vast selection of outdoor lighting, low voltage bulbs and accessories. Our selection ranges from high-end designer models to quality affordable fixtures. Along with low voltage interior commercial lighting, we also offer exterior lighting for parking lots, car dealerships, walkways, pathways, recreational areas, medical buildings, shopping malls, parks, lots, storage, signs, road lights, the possibilities are endless.

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Looking for a sign, car wrap or banner?
We produce signs with bronze, aluminum, stainless steel, acrylic and much more. Utilizing cutting edge banner and neon sign design and manufacturing techniques, we can create a masterpiece for your store front or lobby that will make a powerful statement to your client. We place our emphasis in making sure your business delivers a positive and high-impact visual to your clients, suppliers or employees immediately when they arrive inside and outside. Click for more information.